Thursday, 16 March 2017

Well done to Bon's boys budding BBC School Reporters 2017!

Well done to Bon's boys budding BBC School Reporters  2017!

After another busy day of reporting the budding journalist have produced some brilliant reports.  We hand selected group of year 8 students.  Due to some busy timetabling, they haven't had much practice before the big day.  However, they worked incredibly hard, to report the news of the day, edit and upload to a strict deadline. The boys should be really proud of their reports.

A massive thank you as well to Tom from the BBC who has been in training the boys, as well as helping out on News Day- your invaluable tips, time, effort and patience was much appreciated!

Please watch and enjoy!

Possible Cuts to School funding!

St Bonaventure's Basketball Victory

Welcome to BBC School Report 2017

Welcome to BBC School Report 2017, at St Bonaventure's School.
This year we have a fantastic team of young budding journalist:  Amsal, Ethan, Thomas, Shams, Liam, Xavier and Harry.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The final report!

Well done!

Interviewing Mr. Halliwell

For the boys vs. girls story!

The team of 2015!


Some photo updates from our presenters


Well done!

Well done to the BBC School Reporters of 2015!

After another busy day of reporting the students have produced some outstanding reports.  We had lots of new students taking part this year and due to some busy timetabling, they haven't had much practice before the big day.  However, they worked incredibly hard and should be really proud of their reports.

A massive thank you as well to Yolanda from the BBC who has been in training the boys and offering them invaluable tips and advice.  Muchisimas gracias for all the hard work today.

Please watch and enjoy!

Have you ever littered?


Do you think the safety guidelines in Formula 1 are enough?


Self-driving cars are the future... What do you think?

Daniel & Roshan

Is the trip to Mars a scam and would you go? Mr Ansu says 'yes!'

Jamie & Kai

Are you ready for the solar eclipse?

Ramir, Anthony and Jaiden

The budget and the new minimum wage - is it enough?


Boys vs. Girls - who is smarter?

Tomi, Andrew, Melvin

Tunisia Report: Amidst another terrible attack, Bons boys ask 'would you still go to visit the country?'

Ekiel, Dean, Alan, Khama and Ben

My experience of the BBC School News Report

I was surprised to see myself in this room today. Seeing that I had missed quite a lot of sessions, but nonetheless, I got on with my task and give 110%. The different skills I learnt today was editing, recording and also speaking. With the help of Ms. Lory, this was relatively easy. We were able to learn things and also practice if we'd wish to do this in the future. It was quite strange to see yourself in the video, makes you feel edgy and a bit weird. Doing these videos was a lot of hard work.
Although, when it came to editing it was really exquisite to see something decent, bad quality. Now everything you would want.

Nigel, 12, St Bonaventure's Forest Gate, Boleyn Road

The challenge...

When i first heard of this report programme, i knew that this would be a breeze! but i was wrong: completely wrong...
when we started to edit, we had a major problem. The entire report got muddled up due to position of a clip. we were STRESSED, we had no idea what to do and time was ticking. in the end, we increased the amount of faith and we made it, improving the previous one.

Daniel Harry and Roshan Reggie

My day- Recording the News

I was unsure in the morning if I would be allowed back into School Report after missing the last 3 sessions, but in the morning, message came to me saying we had a whole day of it. I straight away came to the Media Studio and we straight away started working on our stories. We covered environmental issues, political issues-which I did, sports and technology. We produced a script and recorded ourselves and even went on to interviews before break time. We took the videos and edited the files and finally exported them onto the website. I am writing this in my lunch break at the end of which we are going to broadcast and present the news properly like the way you see it on the television.

Kelvin aged 12 - St.Bonaventure's Catholic School, Forest Gate, Boleyn Road.

Update on the report

The boys are currently in the process of recording there report...look out for them in school so that you might get a chance to get interviewed!
Dean (on the right), Ekiel ( on the left) and Ben who is being recorded
are in the process of there report.

Reporters update

Its 11:05 and the reports are flying in as we speak, reporters are working frantically to get the best stories they can only 2:55 hours left!

Bon's Boys at work






Friday, 13 February 2015

Ideas for stories:

This year the BBC are particularly keen to hear stories about; 

•   Young people and all things digital from young vloggers, coders and app designers to schools who are using interesting technology

•    Political engagement (or lack of) and campaigning amongst young people.

•    And any strong first person account like the one on alzheimers. 

Have you got any ideas?  Email them to - clearly stating your name and form.

Watch this excellent report from a school about the pressures of living in the online age...

Does this give you an idea for a story?

Click on the link to visit the video...

A moving account of living with a grandparent with Alzheimers.

Abigail, a School Reporter from Portadown College tells a very personal account about how her Grandfather's Alzheimer's Disease affected her family. She says the disease prevented her from really getting to know her Grandfather and how it is often overlooked when compared to other illnesses.

Click on the Alzheimer's image to watch the village.

This was is quite a moving podcast about the realities of living with a grandparent with alzheimers. 

Check out BBC School Report website

To find out more about the project, click on the picture below.

Welcome to BBC School Report 2015!

Look out for updates from our budding journalists over the next few weeks!